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Oat Milk

Oat Milk



Oat milk is used in KLORANE hair products for its softening properties.


Oat milk is obtained by the liquid extraction of the complete seed. This extract is then concentrated.

Oat milk Oat milk


Oat is an annual herbaceous plant that is harvested at the end of the summer. It can grow to between 2 and 5 feet tall. Its fascicled roots produce stems that are slightly bent and end in flower panicles. It has linear, sheathing leaves with a large ligule. Its drooping spikelets are protected by two glumes. The fruit, called a caryopsis, is brown and lanceolate.


Today, oat fruit – and sometimes oat straw – is used for medicinal purposes. Oats are also used to make nourishing, energy-restoring porridge. When drunk in an infusion, they can stimulate the appetite, relieve sore throats, and have a fortifying effect in cases of insomnia or nervous fatigue. In a decoction, oats have a soothing effect on itching, eczema, chilblains and dry patches of skin. Oats are also used in skin and hair care products.

Hair / DRY SHAMPOO cleansing

Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

DRY SHAMPOO cleansing


KLORANE Laboratories developed this original product to allow you to clean your hair without getting it wet. Practical and quick to use, KLORANE Gentle dry shampoo with oat extract is ideal for people with little time, and therefore unable to wash their hair. It owes its cleansing properties to an original combination of highly absorbent agents that act as truly effective sponges to soak up dirt or sebum on the scalp. Hair volume and bounce is restored in just a few minutes. It is hypoallergenic.


150 ml dry shampoo aerosol: Shake well before use then uniformly spray a small amount over the hair at a distance of 12 inches. Leave for 2 minutes then brush thoroughly to remove all traces of powder residue. Avoid inhalation and contact with the eyes. This dry shampoo can be used as frequently as necessary. 50 g non-aerosol pump: Shake well, then turn the cap to the right to reveal the opening. Hold the bottle in a vertical position at a distance of 4 inches and press down to spray the powder over the hair. Distribute evenly. Leave on for 2 minutes. Brush thoroughly, taking the time needed to remove all traces of powder. Avoid inhalation and contact with the eyes. This gas-free non-aerosol pump can be used in complete safety.

Proven effectiveness

82% of subjects appreciated how clean their hair felt after using KLORANE Gentle dry shampoo with oat extract, and 91% were satisfied with hair volume.


150 ml spray

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