Cinchona pubescens Vahl.

Family Rubiaceae


We cultivate our cinchona in Ecuador using techniques that respect the surrounding ecosystem. The quality of each plant harvested is controlled in accordance with KLORANE Phytofiliere® specifications. The bark is collected by hand, and its active agent is concentrated in the form of a patented extract, which is scientifically proven to act as a stimulant for the hair bulb. This extract is incorporated into the KLORANE line of anti-hair loss care with cinchona.


The cinchona is a tree of the Rubiaceae family native to South America, traditionally used as a tonic and astringent. We have chosen the Cinchona pubescens Valh. species because its bark is naturally rich in quinine, a molecule with powerful and fortifying properties, the efficacy of which has been scientifically proven.


The red cinchona is a tree that can grow to a height of 50 to 65 feet. It has pinnate leaves that are often reddish in colour, like the petiole. Its regular white or pink flowers have a corolla with lobes covered in white hairs and are grouped in terminal cymes.


Red cinchona was a traditional remedy used by the Incas to treat digestive problems and infections. The part used is found in the dried bark. Cinchona, and quinine in particular, were once the primary treatment for malaria. It can be used in low doses as a bitter tonic to stimulate the digestion, and externally for an itchy, desquamating scalp with dandruff.

Hair / WEAK AND THIN fortifying

Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins

WEAK AND THIN fortifying Shampoo and conditioner


KLORANE cinchona extract has been incorporated into an ultra-gentle, detangling, volume-enhancing cleansing base and combined with a vitamin B complex to make KLORANE Fortifying shampoo with quinine and B vitamins a true source of energy for restoring the strength and health of tired hair. Hypoallergenic.


One application is sufficient. Rinse well. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly. In cases of hair loss, this shampoo is the ideal complement to other forms of KLORANE anti-hair loss treatment.

Proven effectiveness

KLORANE Fortifying shampoo with quinine and B vitamins was appreciated for giving hair more energy (94%), more strength (88%) and more bounce (91%).

Your pharmacist's tips and pointers

To boost the strengthening action of the shampoo, combine with KLORANE Fortifying and detangling conditioning balm with quinine and B vitamins.


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